We recommended 3-4 plates per person


  • Patata Bravas

    • R55

    Crispy fried potatoes topped with a spicy tomato and
    paprika puree, creamy garlic aioli and fresh basil 


  • Arancini

    • R70

    Mozzarella and parmesan filled fried risotto with parsley mayonnaise and parmesan crisp


  • Fried Halloumi

    • R65

    Tempura halloumi cheese topped with crispy kataifi,
    fig preserve and dehydrated parma ham 


  • Tempura Beans

    • R50

    Tempura fried green beans served with a sesame,
    ginger and soy dressing


  • Grilled Mielies

    • R50

    Flame grilled mielies served with Café de Paris butter
    and onion herb salad


  • Squid Satay

    • R80

    Squid in satay sauce with sugar snap peas, spring onion,
    toasted peanuts and spinach


  • Smoked Salmon Cakes

    • R75

    With homemade tartare, crispy capers and
    salmon skin crisps


  • Fresh Oysters

    • R70

    1 oyster filled with pickled cucumber and mint and
    1 oyster with citrus salad and ponzu sauce


  • Seared Tuna

    • R75

    Spice crusted seared tuna loin with avocado puree and chimichurri rojo 


  • Snoek Pâté & Roosterkoek

    • R80

    Smoked snoek pâté with traditional roosterkoek and
    peach chutney


  • Duck Breast & Beets

    • R95

    Sous vide duck breast with honeyed sweet potato puree
    and pickled baby beet salad


  • Pork Belly & Kimchi

    • R70

    Roasted pork belly on vegetable kimchi with pork
    crackling and 
    tat choi

  • Short Rib & Samp

    • R85

    Slow braised pork rib served with creamy samp and
    parsley gremolata


  • Lamb Ribs

    • R160

    Slow cooked lamb riblets with mango atchar, yoghurt
    labneh and mint


  • Duo Croquettes

    • R65

    Filled with oxtail and chilli cheese, with a creamy
    mustard sauce and braised onion


  • Chicken Skewers

    • R85

    Honey mustard marinated chicken skewers served
    with roasted lemon


  • Biltong and Olives

    • R85

    Garlic and lime marinated beef biltong served
    with citrus olives


  • Chorizo & Pickles

    • R75

    Flambéed chorizo with pickled julienne vegetables


  • Grapefruit Avo Salad

    • R60

    Fresh avocado and grapefruit with red onion and radish
    with house dressing


  • Caesar Salad

    • R75

    Baby gem lettuce with a creamy anchovy and parmesan
    dressing, crispy bacon, parmesan cheese and croutons


  • Chinese Salad

    • R60

    Cabbage with carrots, spring onion, peanuts and sesame
    in a hoisin salad dressing



    Serves 2


  • Charcuterie Board

    • R185

    Parma ham, salami and Black Forest ham with pickled cucumber,

    wholegrain mustard and toasted baguette


  • Cheese Board

    • R185

    Gruyere, brie and boerenkaas served with candied almond,
    apple slices and brown onion marmalade



  • Sushi Bowl

    • R110

    Fresh salmon, tuna and calamari steaks with rice, cucumber
    and radish


  • Sushi Wola

    • R120

    Sushi roll with prawn, tuna, salmon and avo

  • Maki Cigars

    • R80

    Trio of salmon, avocado and tuna maki rolls


  • Sashimi Plate

    • R95

    Selection of sashimi served with a choice of ponzu dressing,
    yuzu citrus vinegar or a citrus soy dressing (choice of one from the below):    



           Kabeljou (subject to availability)


  • Nigiri Plate

    • R95

    Salmon, Tuna and Calamari Steak


  • California Rolls

    • R110

    With tempura prawn and avo

  • Sushi Cakes

    • R130

    Compressed rice with salmon tartare and a vegetable salad



  • Vanilla Meringue

    • R55

    Vanilla meringue with creamy lemon curd, passion fruit pulp
    and yoghurt sorbet


  • 70% Chocolate Crémeux

    • R85

    Chocolate cremeux with roasted apple puree, chocolate soil
    and pickled apple shavings


  • Magwenya & Milk Tart

    • R65

    Milk tart filled with magwenya, served with burnt orange
    and cinnamon syrup


  • Malva Pudding

    • R75

    Malva pudding parcels with dehydrated fruit chips, amanzi cream
    and roasted walnuts