We recommended 3-4 plates per person


  • Cheese Arancini

    • R65

    Mozzarella filled risotto, caramelized onion mayonnaise
    with crispy parmesan


  • Kataifi Halloumi

    • R65

    Dehydrated Parma ham with fig preserve and syrup


  • Tempura Beans

    • R50

    Battered fine beans, sesame soy dressing and pickled
    ginger sauce


  • Grilled Prawns

    • R85

    Avocado and lemon broccoli, and chilli and coriander


  • Squid Satay

    • R80

    Squid satay, toasted peanuts, green herbs and crispy
    squid head


  • Smoked Salmon Cakes

    • R75

    With homemade tartare, crispy capers and
    salmon skin crisps


  • Snoek Pâté

    • R75

    Smoked snoek pâté with traditional roosterkoek and
    peach chutney


  • Cured Duck

    • R95

    Fennel cured duck breast, pomegranate, crispy
    sweet potato


  • Pork Belly

    • R70

    Roasted pork belly, vegetable kimchi, mung bean sprouts

  • Braised Short Rib

    • R85

    Beef short rib, creamy parmesan samp with
    parsley gremolata.


  • Lamb Chops

    • R160

    Pan seared lamb, mango atchar, yoghurt labneh.


  • Honey and Mustard Chicken

    • R85

    Marinated chicken on a skewer with roasted lemon.


  • Chorizo and Pickles

    • R75

    Flambeed chorizo, with fennel pickled vegetables.


  • Roasted Caprese

    • R85

    Roasted cherry tomatoes, balsamic, bocconcini basil
    and grilled bread.


  • Duo Croquette

    • R65

    Bacon, herb and mozzarella croquettes and chilli
    cheese croquettes.



    Serves 2


  • Charcuterie Board

    • R185

    Parma Ham, Salami and Black Forrest ham, gherkins,
    wholegrain mustard and savory biscuits.


  • Cheese Board

    • R185

    Gruyere, Brie and Cumin boerrenkaas, onion marmalade,
    fig preserve, and green apple


  • Biltong Board

    • R195

    Beef biltong, drywors, chilli bites, roasted nuts and
    marinated olives


  • Salads

  • Grapefruit and Avocado

    • R60

    Avocado and Grapefruit segments, with red onion radish and
    rocket with house dressing    


  • Caesar

    • R85

    Gem lettuce, with a creamy anchovy dressing, chicken breast,
    crostini’s and parmesan shavings


  • Asian

    • R60

    Julienned red cabbage, Chinese Cabbage, carrots, spring onion,
    peanuts and sesame in a hoisin dressing